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As long as I can remember, I have always been terrified of death. In my youth, this made perfect sense. The church I grew up in was somehow simultaneously clear yet vague on its soteriology, and held a very traditional view on the concept of hell, its nature, who goes there and for how long. […]

European Adventure 2019, Leg 3: Scotland

Leg 3, Day 1: EdinburghJune 19th, 2019 It was another early rise for us that day. Today would not carry the same relaxed, stress-free character that a few of the previous days had. After we scrounged together a breakfast, Alix drove us to the Coventry train station, and we said our goodbyes. I’ve always enjoyed […]

George Floyd, COVID, and other updates

I cannot believe it has been over three weeks since I made a post! This is going to be much more of a freeform entry, you know, a bloggy sort of blog post.  First off, the main reason it has been so long is because of the major protests occurring in my home state of […]

European Adventure 2019, Leg 2: England

Leg 2, Day 1: Intro to EnglandJune 16th, 2019 For what already seemed like the 20th time on this trip, early the next morning Danielle and I were on a bus. We opted to not take a taxi to the bus stop. The station was on the far outskirts of the downtown area and our […]

Confusion with Political and Religious Discussion Aversion

Growing up, religion and politics were ubiquitous topics in our household. We went to church two times a week, and were almost always involved in at least one weekly Bible study or church member hangout. My church was considered a missions church, and they would spend thousands of dollars a year sending families and individuals […]

European Adventure 2019, Leg 1: Preparation + Iceland

Travel and adventures are a strong facet of Danielle and I’s relationship. For our first big trip only months after meeting, we drove through South Dakota and Wyoming to spend a few nights in a B&B 10,000 feet high in the Colorado mountains. The following year we went on a couple camping excursions to Northern […]

100 Things About Me

Which of your parents are you more like? In looks, my father. In personality, most likely a mix of the two, but I have not given it a lot of thought. How many siblings do you have? One older brother, two adopted younger sisters. They are only 11 months apart in age, but come from […]


You know whats really annoying sometimes? Waking up in the middle of the night because your cat is scratching at the door. But then you remember…you don’t even have a cat. It must be someone in your house, you start to get up to check on your baby, but you do not have a baby. […]

Infinity Saga Full Review

A few months ago, I rewatched the majority of the films in the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic universe, collectively referred to as The Infinity Saga, in the name of review and comparison. I did not do this out of some illusion that they are the greatest movies ever made, but it is […]

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