You know whats really annoying sometimes? Waking up in the middle of the night because your cat is scratching at the door.

But then you remember…you don’t even have a cat. It must be someone in your house, you start to get up to check on your baby, but you do not have a baby. In fact, you remember you do not have a house outside of this room. This room is all you have ever known.

You do not remember being put here.

You look around the room to realize that the walls are completely bare and empty, devoid of any art, or even a closet. In fact, the only thing in the room is the blanket you were sleeping under on what you realize to be a sterile, cold floor. You pull the blanket over you to try and escape from it all, and the darkness underneath finally puts you at peace.

You find yourself unable to remove the blanket, but you do not care. You realize where you were all along; Drifting endlessly through the void, caught up in your thoughts, caught up in your meaningless fantastical dreams of having a cat or owning a house. You drift through the darkness, oddly relieved that such trivialities as existence will never be, could never be.

You remain a spark of cognizance, floating randomly in the vacuum of nonexistence.

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