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I Am Pissed

Bloomington, MN, where I work and my soon-to-be-wife works as a teacher, adopted a hybrid method of learning for the upcoming school year. This is the e-mail I sent to the members of the school board: “Hello, my name is Nevan Hard. I work in Bloomington, very close to Jefferson High and Olson Middle, and […]

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As long as I can remember, I have always been terrified of death. In my youth, this made perfect sense. The church I grew up in was somehow simultaneously clear yet vague on its soteriology, and held a very traditional view on the concept of hell, its nature, who goes there and for how long. […]

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Confusion with Political and Religious Discussion Aversion

Growing up, religion and politics were ubiquitous topics in our household. We went to church two times a week, and were almost always involved in at least one weekly Bible study or church member hangout. My church was considered a missions church, and they would spend thousands of dollars a year sending families and individuals […]

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